Why Am I Running?

First and foremost, I wish to serve my community. I have lived in Rose Park for more than 20 years and I have a strong desire to give back to my community. In addition to a desire to serve, there are three reasons I am running for HD23. The first is that I have a passion for politics and believe I have the knowledge and experience to be an effective representative for my neighborhood. I am a dyed in the wool progressive policy advocate. I treat the legislative session or the City Council meetings like other people treat sporting events and I believe I am well informed on the issues.

I have been involved behind the scenes in Democratic politics for sixteen years. I worked on my first Democratic political campaign in High School and I haven’t stopped since. I have worked on or managed at least a dozen campaigns ranging from City Council races to multiple Legislative races to the Governor’s race. I have also worked in Democratic Party organizing as HD23’s LegChair and as a Regional Field Organizer for the County Democratic Party. During the time I served as LegChair, the precinct officers and I have demonstrated we are an effective team. During the 2012 election, while we were organizing our neighborhood, we managed to get every precinct in the district canvassed twice. That’s better than the Avenues, better than Central City, better than any other House District I know of managed to accomplish and turnout in our district reflected that hard work.

The second reason is that I want to serve my community and there are issues I want to be an advocate for. I have enjoyed working behind the scenes to get candidates I believe in elected. Now I think I am ready to step forward and work just as hard for the constituents of House District 23 on the issues that are important to us. These issues include education, air quality and several others. Please see my platform for more details on these issues.

The third reason I am running is that I know and have worked with most of the current Democratic legislators, often on their own elections. I can hit the ground on day one of the next legislative session, ready to work with a team of people I already know and share a mutual respect with. I can immediately be an effective member of the Democratic caucus representing our HD23 interests on the Hill.